Accommodation Services values residents, student leaders, and staff sharing the responsibility of building and maintaining healthy and happy communities. In keeping with this perspective, all residents agree to our Rules of Residence and Residential Agreement (which outlines the standards and expectations of behaviour whilst living on campus).


A number of programs and services support the education and application of these rules. More broadly, as an extension of maintaining engagement, the Community Standards portfolio also runs targeted initiatives to build trust, respect and collegiality within the residential community.

Rules of Residence

As a resident, you must read and be aware of our Rules of Residence, which contains important policies and procedures relevant to Accommodation Services and the wider University. You can access our Rules of Residence on the webpage -

Residential Ethos

Accommodation Services believes that residents, student leaders and staff share the responsibility of building and maintaining healthy and happy communities. Our collective goal is to create living environments which emphasize respect, inclusivity, collegiality and personal responsibility, so that all community members can feel that they belong, and are valued, supported, and safe. In joining our community, you are committing to a set of standards and expectations which support this goal.


La Trobe University has a clear position on hazing:

Students are not permitted to engage in any action or activity which does, or has the potential to, intentionally or unintentionally endanger a student(s). This includes any activity that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate (cl. 6.3 Rules of Residence 2019)

Noise Policies

Accommodation Services requests that all residents are “considerate of fellow residents and maintain activity levels that are within reason and do not disturb others. Regular noise is acceptable in the common areas and kitchens” (cl. 6.13 Rules of Residence 2019).


However, “excessive or unreasonable levels of noise is not permitted at any time and the use or storage of stereo equipment which creates excessive noise (e.g. subwoofers) is not permitted.   Residents who have repeatedly been advised to comply during quiet hours will be issued with a noise fine” (cl. 6.13 Rules of Residence 2019).


Quite hours apply from Sunday to Wednesday between 10:00pm to 9:00am, and 12:00am to 9:00am from Thursday to Saturday.

Damages and Mess

“Damage to goods or property belonging to Accommodation Services will be charged to the residents involved in contributing to the damage” (cl. 6.15 Rules of Residence 2019).

All residents have a “responsibility to maintain a clean and safe living environment which does not infringe on the rights and privileges of other Residents – ensuring all communal areas (kitchens, lounge areas) remain clean and tidy. Unclaimed and dirty dishes in communal kitchens may be confiscated after two days. Non-compliance may result in penalties (per the Schedule of Fees) and sanctions” (cl. 6.14 Rules of Residence 2019).

One scheduled room inspection may be conducted each semester with one (1) weeks’ notice. Rooms with a ‘No Cleaning’ sign can be accessed for cleaning after two weeks. Accommodation Services can access a room at any time to conduct an inspection to maintain hygiene and safety standards” (cl. 6.14 Rules of Residence 2019).


Every now and then, there may be a minor issue with your room or a facility nearby – here’s how you let us know.

Firstly, you’ll need to access your helpful friend the StarRez Portal, click below to access it…

Once you have logged in, you can log a maintenance request. To do this, click on the ‘Maintenance request’ tab and complete the question form – try to include as much detail as possible in regards to the issue you are having or have noticed.

Depending on the urgency of the request, we will attend to the issue as soon as possible. Requests can range from a blown light bulb to a water leak.

Fire Alarms

Residents who set off the smoke/fire alarm and have had the fire brigade or an external party attend will be charged. The cost of the charge will be processed by the fire brigade / external party. Once this cost is known, it will be on-forwarded to the residents concerned. Please note that if you did not contribute to the alarm being triggered or if there is a fault with the system, you will not be charged. However, if the alarm is triggered within a room, the costs associated with this incident will be the responsibility of the resident who resides in the room.

As per the Rules of Residence, deodorant, hair spray, hair dryers, aerosols, and hair straighteners must not be used in the residential rooms, but may be used in the bathrooms (6.10 – Fire Alarms, pg. 12). Other materials that trigger fire alarms should also not be used in your rooms.

Alcohol Free Events

Student are provided with the opportunity to participate in numerous alcohol free events that run in conjunction with larger scale alcohol permitted events. By providing alcohol free events we create a more inclusive and respectful community, help to change alcohol culture and attitudes towards alcohol, and reduce alcohol related incidents.

Accommodation Services

Our Accommodation Services team are here to answer your questions and help you make the most of your time in residence.

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