Moving away from home and onto campus for the first time can be an exciting prospect but can also be daunting for some – leaving behind familiar people, places and routines, adjusting to independent living, forming new friendships, and managing your own health and wellbeing can be a lot to manage. We provide a range of support services, activities and programs to assist you with this transition into residential life.


During your time with us you will have the opportunity to learn more about health and wellbeing across a range of areas, some examples include – physical wellbeing, mental health and healthy relationships. We have lots of events throughout the year ranging from large scale events and smaller workshops to get together in your community and make connections. Make sure to check out Facebook and the Accommodation Bulletin for more info about upcoming events.

Welcome Induction Module

Prior to arriving on campus, residents are required to complete a WELCOME induction module. The following details the essential information and support services details covered.

Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect and Positive Intervention module

Make a difference in your residential community by signing up to our free online course all about sexual consent and positive intervention.


Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect and Positive Intervention is an engaging online course that will help you understand sexual consent and how to recognise situations when consent can and can’t be given, whatever your gender or sexuality. The course can support you in thinking about your own boundaries and how to talk about them. It also demonstrates different ways you could step in if you see or hear something you’re uncomfortable with.


 To undertake the course:


  1. Head to

  2. Click on the ‘Register’ tab to create an account. (If you’re having trouble finding your notification email, check your junk mail.)

  3. Sign in and choose Consent Matters – Australian Version from the list of online courses available.

  4. In the top right hand corner of the screen enter the following token – b65aa244

  5. Click on the course to begin.


For support services check out the Health and Wellbeing Important Contacts.

Health and Wellbeing Events

These events are led by the health and wellbeing student leaders. The health and wellbeing student leaders put on events throughout the year to cover each segment of the Wellbeing Wheel. These include; Be Active, Connect, Give, Nurture, Keep Learning and Take Notice. These events are carefully designed to provide an opportunity for residential students to learn and experience different ways to look after their wellbeing and to connect in with their community in a fun and engaging way. Previous events include a Carnival, Eco Friendly Fiesta, Laughter Yoga and Healthy Relationships Trivia.

Wednesday Night Live

The Wednesday Night Live series are a set of diverse and inclusive events that run throughout the year to provide an alcohol free event for students to attend and connect in with their community. The goal is to build resilience and community connectedness through positive collaborative experiences, sharing stories and social inclusion. Students can attend events alone or with friends to engage with the wider community, build resilience from sharing stories and connecting with each other. Previous events include; Drag Bingo, Bollywood Dance Class, Story Slam and F*ck Up Night.  

Active Series

This is a series of events focussed on physical wellbeing and play. Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity. Studies show that play improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. Previous events include Archery Warz, Bubble Soccer, Human Foosball, Parkour and a 6 week Bootcamp.

Create Series

This series provides enriching opportunities for students to be creative and expressive. Participation and engagement in the arts have a variety of outcomes including stress management and an increase in positive emotions. Events include Mandala Mindfulness, Storytelling Workshop, Comic Book Drawing Workshop, Photography Workshop and Japanese moss ball plant Workshop (Kokedma).

Dunny Dispatch

A bi-monthly newsletter covering a variety of topics from tips on how to get better sleep, making friends and maintaining healthy relationships. See below for previous issues.

Important Contacts

You can contact the Health and Wellbeing Coordinator for support. The Health and Wellbeing Coordinator can support directly or refer you on to other services internal and external. See below for contact info.

Health and Wellbeing Contacts 2019.jpg
Health and Wellbeing Contacts 2019 - Reg
Accommodation Services

Our Accommodation Services team are here to answer your questions and help you make the most of your time in residence.

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